4 Ways to Reduce Clutter and Reduce Stress

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Clutter in your apartment got you stressed out?

Use these easy tips to declutter in a cinch and say “goodbye” to unneeded stress!

1. Put things away.

This is rule number one: You get it out; you put it away. Usually, putting something back where it’s supposed to go takes less than a minute, but added all up, it can keep your tabletops, countertops, floors and other surfaces much cleaner and neater.

2. Buy only what you need.

Think twice about that impulse purchase you’re considering.

While at the store, it may seem like a decent idea to have another full set of dishes, a t-shirt with a funny saying on it, a cute kitchen magnet or some other random item. But will you use it? Once you get it home, how much will you value it?

3. Do a quick clean whenever you leave the house and go to bed.

At night before bed and whenever you’re on your way out of the house, do a quick clean. You don’t have to scour the floors or wash the windows. Just put dishes in the dishwasher or sink, make your bed (when leaving), tidy up the countertops and do a few other little things. When you wake up in the morning or return from work or a night out with friends, you’ll appreciate it!

4. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear.

One of the most stressful things in life is having a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. This is often the result of buying or keeping clothes that don’t fit or that you don’t actually like but you don’t think you should get rid of.

Resist the urge to keep these things and take a half day to go through your closet getting rid of whatever you haven’t worn in the last six months.

Take the Stress Out of Living – Don’t Buy, Rent

One of the biggest life stressors for many people is dealing with the home they own. For apartment renters, on the other hand, things like broken appliances, structural issues, garbage and other issues are all taken care of by the apartment community. If you’re stressed, renting is the way to go!

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