Amazing, Affordable and Awfully Good for You: Quick Stir-Fry Specialties

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Crisp veggies, a touch of protein, and delicious flavors in endless varieties make stir-fry a favorite quick meal. With the right pan and a few tricks, anyone can be a cooking artist who's creating for one, two or a whole table of friends.

The Pan Is the Secret

A classic Chinese wok, with its hammered texture that lets the chef park some ingredients on the side while others cook, makes orchestrating a stir-fry simple. A clip-on ledge is sometimes used for the same purpose. For wok-style pans with a nonstick coating, chefs can also precook any meat used (or use packaged precooked meat) and add it later in the process. Cooking is a great way to relax in apartments in New Bern, NC.

Picking Veggies

Many home chefs enjoy the process of preparing vegetables, but when there’s no time, packaged pre-cut veggies can be used. Think bite-sized pieces for your guests who use chopsticks. The key to a great stir-fry is quick cooking over high heat, so avoid veggies like root vegetables that take a long time to cook, or cut them very thin. For leafy ingredients, pick sturdy ones like cabbage; spinach will wilt and singe. Broccoli is popular for its crunch, and pea pods cook up nicely.

Cut the Meat or Tofu

Small strips of chicken, beef or other meat add flavor in small quantities. They should be prepared to cook quickly and can be marinated beforehand. You can also use prepared cooked meats, sliced parboiled chicken or grilled meats.

Cooking and Serving

Heat the pan, add a small amount of quality cooking oil, and if using raw meat or tofu, quickly stir-fry small pieces, setting them aside on the pan or removing them briefly. Add vegetables in order of toughness: broccoli and pea pods first, for example, and then cabbage or grated carrot. With practice, you'll develop a feel for perfect timing. Add protein and cook briefly, then add your favorite sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds or nuts.

Serve on brown or white rice or try Asian noodles. Use the time you save to relax with friends and enjoy the food. You'll have a blast cooking and entertaining at your Woodland Crossing apartment. Come visit us and find your new apartment today. 

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