3 Unusual Ways to Reduce Stress

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From fancy bath products to squishy balls that collect dust in a drawer, there are a lot of answers to the damaging effects of stress. But, there are more solutions out there to try if you're looking for something new! It's time to examine a few odd ways to calm yourself down when you're having a stressful day at work or home. For those who live in apartments in New Bern, keep the following tips in mind. 

Unusual Ways to Reduce Stress

Eat Something 

If you're feeling extremely stressed out, your body is likely in fight-or-flight mode. When you're in this state of panic, you're not going to want to eat anything. In other words, it's not what you eat, it's just the physical act of chewing that can calm you down. It reminds your body that the situation is not as dire as it seems — how could it be when you're eating something? (And if you're not hungry, you can always chew gum for the same effect.)

Hum Something 

Your vagus nerve helps regulate your body's systems, keeping everything going on an hour-to-hour basis. But sometimes stress can force this nerve to take a breather when it really should be on the clock. You don't have to hum a happy tune, you can hum anything to trigger your vagus nerve back to life. Because it's near your vocal cord and inner ears, the vibrations can activate this nerve when you need it the most. 

Hold Your Breath 

Breathing exercises are by no means a new activity, but this one can spice things up a little if your old routines are getting stale. Instead of counting to 10 while breathing deeply, you can inhale for seven seconds, hold for seven seconds, and then exhale for seven seconds. Similar to eating something, it pulls the brain out of what-if mode and back into the moment. 

No one can put a stop to all stress, but there are those who can better manage the rising tide of emotions they feel when times get difficult. That's why Woodland Crossing wants you to have all the tools you need at your disposal. Stop by to see our relaxing amenities, or tour our facilities today. 

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