Easy Meal Prep Basics to Last the Whole Week

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When you cook for yourself, you know exactly what’s going in your food. You can also easily make adjustments for any picky eaters in your household. Spend just an hour or two on the weekend prepping staple foods and freezing them, and you unlock a week's worth of healthy eating with a wide variety of dishes.

Baked or boiled potatoes

Bake potatoes whole and then slice them into quarters and freeze. During the week, take out this kitchen staple and:

  • use them as the base for potato soup
  • grill them with cheese for a tasty gratin
  • chop them up and use them in potato salad
  • add them to a veggie stir-fry to bulk it up and create a one-pot meal

Boiled potatoes are just as versatile. They can be mashed and frozen, then served as a side dish or added to soups and sauces. You can also use them in potato pancakes or as a hearty filler in wraps.

Baked or broiled chicken

Chicken really is the Swiss Army Knife of protein. Cook it with minimal seasoning during your weekend prep so that you can later use it in a variety of other dishes. You can heat the chicken in a frying pan or the microwave, add the seasoning of your choice, and throw it into sandwiches or lettuce wraps. You can also chop it finely and use it in enchiladas. In a hurry? Make a cold chicken salad and drizzle with sesame dressing.

Shred and chop up vegetables in advance

This is something the kids can help you with. Chop up firm vegetables like carrots and shred cabbage, then store them in Ziploc bags. These make a convenient base for any number of dishes like coleslaw, salads, or healthy vegetable soups. Carrots and root vegetables freeze especially well, and shredded greens will stay fresh in your refrigerator for several days.

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