Pet Park Etiquette for a Doggone Good Time

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Woodland Crossing Pet ParkDog decorum is fairly standard in official pet parks, and the ‘rules’ are only slightly different for community members here at our Woodland Crossing Apartments in Bern, NC. We are proud of our on-site pet park, so we offer these tips for ensuring that both two- and four-legged friends have a great visit to the park every time.

Stay Leashed Until Entering the Park

While in common areas, pets must be kept leashed for their safety and that of others. Not everyone is a dog lover, and pets off-leash tend to wander up to anyone they see. Keep the leash on until arrival at the pet park to stay in compliance with community guidelines and out of respect for neighbors.

Let Park Guests Know if Your Pooch is Shy

Some dogs just aren’t ultra-friendly or shy away from attention. If other guests are at the dog park area, go ahead and make them aware that your pet is best left to his or her own devices and isn’t up for playtime with others.

Scoop That Poop

This is a given for most dog owners, but some folks still violate the rules. Beyond the irritation that accompanies stepping in it, feces can actually spread disease and illnesses to both pets and humans. Bring small grocery or pet disposal bags along to the play area. It’s also appreciated by both management and residents if owners can prevent pets from using every standing object on the path as a fire hydrant.

Control Barking and Play Quietly

Noisy dogs can be a nuisance to those around you—even at the dog play area. If training your dog has proven to be a challenge, consider enrolling your pup in obedience school or ask a veterinarian for helpful tips to curb barking.

Follow the Bark Park Rules

We have rules posted at our Bern apartments dog play area, so be sure to follow them at all times. Failure to do so could result in the temporary loss of access privileges or unhappy neighbors.

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